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Introduction to Weightlifting

Basic Program

Learn the basics of foundational strength lifts using a barbell and accessory exercises. This program starts at a manageable load and volume for a beginner and progresses as the weeks go on to help your body adapt and get stronger as you learn. This program is 3 days a week and 6 weeks long and follows a linear progression. After completing this program I recommend you try our Intermediate Program.

$ 75


Intermediate Program

After you have built a foundation of at least 6 weeks of weightlifting, try this slightly more advanced program to continue making progress. This program is 4 days a week and 8 weeks long. This program has more variations of the lifts and increases volume and load you are working with. In this program you should have an understanding of what weight you work with and will work up to heavy singles. 1 rep max in many exercises. After this program I recommend you try our advanced weightlifting program.

$ 85


Advanced Program

At this point, you should have a solid foundation and are ready to move into lifting 5 days a week. This program is 8 weeks long and again increases volume and adds in more variations of the lifts. The intensity also increases, you will test your 1 rep max in the beginning and work up to heavy singles on BIG Friday during weeks 4, 6 and 8. The majority of people will work in the 4-5 days a week range. If you are doing anything above 5, I recommend you try the Elite Program or Remote Coaching so we can develop an individualized plan. This plan can be used to peak for a competition as it ends with a peak day.

$ 100


ELITE Program

If you are looking to become an elite weightlifter, I recommend you try this plan or Remote Coaching. This plan is 8 weeks long and has 8 sessions a week. This means you will lift Monday through Saturday or double sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. There are weeks when you will lift heavy singles and weeks when you take a “de-load” and lift a lot less to rest. This plan can be used to peak for competition as it ends with a peak day.

$ 120


Remote Coaching Program

This is an opportunity to work with an experienced certified weightlifting coach. We will meet via Google Meet and set up a plan. We will meet via google meet 2 times a week. You will follow the individualized program on your own at the gym. You will video certain lifts so I can review things with you and teach you as you train. Bring any questions you have to the session. Anybody of any level can use Remote Coaching, from beginner to competitor. The plan is individualized to meet your needs.

$ 149

Off Season

Football Weightlifting Program

This program is for for high school and college football players for an 8 week off-season.

You should have an estimate of your 1RM in exercises like snatch, clean, jerk, push press, bench press, squat and dead lift.
You will use these to choose the percentages you use for prescribed load for each set / reps.

Track your weights each week, follow the program and progress as directed.

You have the option to complete the fitness tests at the end to see your progress or just see it on the field and skip the test.

$ 50

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